Small Farm Agronomy

Small landholders need to understand the nutrient requirements of their enterprise. We recommend soil testing is completed every 2-3 years and maybe possible to test the entire farm as two or three soil samples. EnProve can do the soil testing and complete a soil health report with recommendations to improve your soil.

Remember whatever is or isn't in your soil is or isn't in your animal.


Small farm agronomy is often quite unique in that paddock rotation is limited or not possible and some animal pampering occurs in the form of high quality feeds. This maybe offset by lower stocking levels. This can lead to elevated nutrient levels which can lead to animal health issues and loss of productive pasture, weed infestation and poor soil health.

Young stock are often most at risk of nutrient deficiencies and soil testing can indicate this.

Fertiliser is often overused on small farms wasting money and causing unnecessary issues.


If horses are kept, particularly for the racing industry, maintaining optimum soil levels is important to maintaining best animal health. There is usually no method of reducing nutrients on horse paddocks so the nutrient levels (particularly potassium) keeps elevating. This can cause a number of complications in the magnesium and calcium ratios of soil and therefore the horses diet.


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