Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does EnProve service?:

We work mostly in South West Victoria and South East South Australia although we have travelled to other areas by arrangement. Soil tests and effluent tests can be sent from anywhere and interpretation completed by phone and mail.

Nutrient mapping and nutrient management work can be done electronically from any soil tests ( a paddock map needs to be available or readily constructed).

Does EnProve sell product?:

We have chosen not to sell or endorse products which allows us to remain independent.

Why choose EnProve?:

In short, independence and experience. We aim to give the farmer the confidence and knowledge to improve their decision making in the face of the avalanche of information now available.

Are the tests accredited?

All tests are completed at CSBP which is an ASPAC accredited laboratory for soil and plant tests.

Biological, organic or conventional farming?:

EnProve recognises that all systems have advantages and disadvantages. We are honest in our interpretation of our findings and match them to your farming.

What do services cost?

Soil testing, water testing and effluent testing are at competitive market rates. Interpretation services are offered on an hourly basis. Nutrient mapping and management work is usually charged at a flat rate. Click here to download the current price list.


EnProve Ag & Environment
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