Effluent Testing

EnProve offers the most comprehensive dairy effluent testing service and interpretation. Click here to see a sample copy of the effluent analysis form.

Submitting Samples:

Collect 500ml to 1 litre of dairy effluent from the irrigation pond, complete the effluent test form and send it to EnProve. If a follow up explanation phone call is required tick the follow box. The test generally takes seven to ten days to analyse and we send you a report with the application rates (if you need a sample bottle contact us to get one sent out).

Field Service:

In south west Victoria a field technician can collect a sample of effluent. Contact EnProve to organise a time.

Using Dairy Effluent:

Dairy effluent can be used to rejuvenate an area. It contains fertiliser, organic carbon and all the micro-nutrients and of course moisture. Over application of effluent can lead to a number of complications for the applied area.

Generally dairy effluent will be highest in potassium value and application will be limited by the potassium content. Over application can see an area impacted for many years. Complications such as weed infestation, sour plants, poor animal health and poor soil structure are common due to over application.


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