Dung Beetles

EnProve can supply dung beetles and manage introduction programs.

Dung beetles have long been identified as having positive impacts on the landscape from both a productive agriculture and environmental perspective.
Dung beetles bury animal manures in the ground as part of their reproductive cycle. This burial procedure means that animal wastes are retained instead of allowed to run off farm. This waste is generally high in nutrient and offers substantial value as a fertiliser but poses risk to environment particularly waterways.

Dung beetles rework the ground allowing better water infiltration, improved aeration, soil mixing and potentially increase soil volumes. This activity increases soil carbon which has positive agricultural benefits and may have carbon offset potiential for greenhouse gases.

There have been a number of individual dung beetle introductions across the region and the program will seek to quantify the successes and audit some of of the current populations. We would be interested in hearing if you have introduced dung beetles or have noted dung beetle activity.

Ordering Dung Beetles:
Dung beetle supply is very seasonal and is often affected by availability. When species become available we can contact you to determine suitability. Main factors are that species are suitable to your area or that those species are already established in your region.


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