What is Nutrient Management?

Nutrient management combines soil agronomy with the impacts of all nutrients on farms. Farm activities such as effluent use, imported fodders and grains, product export, paddock use and nutrient movement are considered before creating a plan to improve soil and fertiliser management.

Paddocks that are elevated or deficient are identified and programs designed to correct that.

Factors that effect best levels are also identified such as:

  • fertiliser management
  • soil types
  • effluent use
  • grazing management
  • grains and feeds
  • hay and silage use
  • farm history

EnProve has a number of tools to assist you make better nutrient decisions.

Nutrient Audits: Large scale soil testing to identify levels and trends across the entire farm.

Nutrient Mapping: Overlay soil test results on a paddock map for visual identification of nutrient levels.

Nutrient Calculator: A software program that analyses nutrient levels, outputs, inputs and determines optimum fertiliser requirements. It will also identify nutrient "banks" and will calculate fertiliser maintenance requirements.

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